About Us

Conference committee

Chairman: Chen Wang

I give my special thanks to our great team and those who have made great contributions to make this event happen. Our team is ready to welcome you and it is an event that you should not miss.


Conference address

Eindhoven University of Technology,
5612 AZ Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

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Treasurer and designer: Budhi Wibowo

Supported by experienced professional and academician, VLO conference 2013 is a great platform for professional and enthusiast who would like to develop themselves with practical and sophisticated method to smartly manage the risk within the supply chain.


About VLO

Email: vlo@tm.tue.nl
Phone: (+31) 40 247 4404
Address: Pav L17,
Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven 
Postal address:
PO Box 513 
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands 
Link: www.vlo.nu

Secretary: Tatyana Skorobogataya

Organizing the VLO 2013 conference is a new challenging experience for me! Moreover, coming from another field, I find it extremely important to learn about practical experience in supply chain and hope to use the obtained knowledge in my future work.


Speaker/Sponsor manager: Mike Grolleman

The 2013 VLO conference will be a great day to exchange knowledge about supply chain risk management. Being the speaker and sponsor manager of the conference committee makes me very proud. Furthermore I gain a lot of knowledge that is useful for my projects at ASML. I am looking forward to the 22nd of October!


Poster manager: Aksana Khramova

VLO Conference is a great opportunity to get the information that will help you in defining your future career options. This conference will be a new experience for me in Netherlands and I am sure it will be an interesting and useful event for me as trainee.


Printing and posting manager: Jianli Li

VLO 2013 is a professional feast that no matter if you come from academic or practical world you can get your knowledge refreshed and your professional network expanded.



Marco Bachrach
Friso Kuipers
Erwin van Wingerden
Will Bertrand
Mynt Zijlstra

Laura Guerrero
Liudmila Pauliuk
Fang-fang Chang
Bart Wieleman
Ying Zhao
Jingjing Lv

Finie Winata
Ezequiel Paez
I-Cheng Chao
Elroy Deege
Yaghoob Mohammad Ali Nia Omran