Today’s business environment is recognized as dynamic and volatile. Do you recognize these trends?

  • Customers are ever more demanding and demand is ever more volatile;
  • By increasingly focusing on their core business, the organization’s reliance on supply chain partners is ever increased;
  • Extended (global) supply chains are prone to increasing risks; and managing such risks becomes increasingly important;
  • Whenever there are risks, there are opportunities; to stay competitive organizations (and supply chains) must be able to quickly grab such opportunities.

If so:

  • How successful is your organization in Supply Chain Risk Management?
  • Does your organization excel in turning supply chain risks into supply chain opportunities?

If you feel there is something to improve, we have just the conference for you! Nine speakers from different industry sectors combined with academics with different backgrounds and different experiences will share their fantastic stories on October 22nd, 2013 at University of Technology Eindhoven (TU Eindhoven). You can no longer subscribe for this event.

Professor Arjan van Weele will tell you how the fire at the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig which resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. in 2010 happened and what can be learned from it. Mr. Hans Dijkhuis, senior manager quality process improvement at ASML, will explain how ASML survives when market went down by 85% in 2008. Mr Jack van Lieshout, senior director Global SCM, Philips Lighting Electronics, will show how Philips Lighting mitigates risks from a huge transformation due to the “LEDification” of the illumination market. Mr Hugo van Daal, SC Professional 2013 finalist, will explain what steps to follow to survive a change in demand, supply and more serious catastrophes. Our Chairman of day Professor Jack van der Veen from Nyenrode Business Universiteit and Assistant Professor Zumbul Atan from TU Eindhoven, will share their academic experience with you. 

You will be interested in knowing the exciting stories from experienced consultants. Mr. Piet van der Plas, senior manager of PwC Advisory, will present the results of research carried out by PwC together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mr. Joost Rongen, Senior consultant from Eyeon, will lead you through a detailed insight how sourcing and supply chain planning processes are impacted in multinational companies from high tech, food, process and life science industry. Mr Hans van der Drift from Involvation with 15 years’ experience in Unilever will present an integral approach in an interactive workshop. 

VLO 2013 conference committee is ready to welcome you at TU Eindhoven on October 22nd, 2013. We are looking forward to meeting you on such an inspiring day!

VLO 2013 Conference committee